Total Rehabilitation Solution


Session with Sherlock Holmes

This is a 60 min investigation and treatment session. A physiotherapist will use clinical reasoning and a battery of tests to understand the cause of injury, pain or movement dysfunction. He/She will then seek to understand individual needs and goals and offer pathways for treatment.

  • Investigate
  • Identify
  • Treat
  • Test
  • Offer pathways to treatment

* This can also be a stand-alone session for baseline assessment of individual capabilities and needs.


Blackbelt Mindset

Often rehabilitation processes become challenging as people lose track of their focus and purpose of training, which may lead to lack of adherence and motivation. The Blackbelt mindset puts emphasis on creating a positive experience of the rehabilitation process and gives our clients a sense of celebration upon achieving their goals. This is a six week package which is designed to bridge the gap between injury and performance. It includes pain management strategies, coping strategies and a combination of manual therapy and exercise-based rehabilitation services to help clients reach their goals. It consists of 11 +1 session. A combination of 7 X 45 min sessions and 4 X 30 min sessions + 1 X 45 min free session.

  • Action plan
  • Set smart goals
  • Choose a calendar event to participate based on your goals
  • Attend physiotherapy sessions
  • Attend personal training sessions
  • Enjoy the process of training
  • Complete participation in the chosen calendar event
  • Certification to celebrate your commitment - Blackbelt Mindset awarded

Client commitments:

  • Attend sessions as scheduled
  • Follow action plan
  • Participate in a calendar event