Group Classes

Balance, Mobility and Strength Classes

The Class:

This program is designed for older adults who want to improve their balance, mobility and strength based on the latest research. The class integrates different aspects to specifically improve the individual's needs based off pre-testing.

Who Would Benefit?

  • People who are experiencing balance issues
  • People with slower walking speed
  • People with Parkinson's or other conditions that effect daily life
  • People with recent lower body surgery (eg. Hip or knee replacement)
  • People who have had previous falls or want to prevent the risk of future falls


  1. Two groups classes a week with pre and post testing (8 weeks)
  2. One group class and one supervised strength training circuit a week with pre and post testing (8 weeks)
  3. Testing for balance, gait, mobility and strength (60 minutes)

What is Involved?

⇒ Mobility

⇒ Balance

⇒ Strength

⇒ Task specific training

⇒ Gait and walking tasks

⇒ Breathing


♦ Shouvik Nandy

Registered Physiotherapist and Strength Coach

♦ Jessica Cadenhead

Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer

Contact Us:

Any questions please contact us:


Shouvik: 022 1725835

Jess: 021 08320416