Meet the Team!


Shouvik Nandy

Our Founder and CEO is Shouvik Nandy, a locally trained and qualified Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer. He has dedicated himself to bridging the gap between Physiotherapy and Exercise Science as well as educating clinicians and personal trainers in India.

Shouvik firmly believes that movement is a powerful medicine. He has a particular interest in chronic musculoskeletal conditions (shoulder injury, chronic low back pain, knee osteo-arthritis), pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, Parkinson’s population and sports injury rehabilitation.


Yaxita - Therapist

Yaxita is a Physiotherapist Assistant working towards her New Zealand Physiotherapy registration but had previously been working as a registered Physiotherapist in India where she obtained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from South Gujarat Medical Education and Research centre. She is also certified in the Art of Manipulation Therapist and a Certified Spinal Manual Therapist. She moved to New Zealand to further her studies at Otago Polytechnic.

Yaxita is very passionate about working with various different clients, from Children, young athletes, pregnant women and older adults. She is multilingual, speaking Gujarati, Hindi and English which helps break down the language barriers with helping our Indian communities here in Auckland. She has also been involved with helping her community, by doing volunteer work as a Physiotherapy Assistant and Sports Massage Therapist at Rugby tournaments.


Yilang - Physiotherapist

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Eliza - Social Media Co-Ordinator/Physio Trainee

Eliza is a fourth year physiotherapy student, set to graduate from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelors of Health Science (Physiotherapy) in December. During her studies she has worked alongside young athletes, post-op surgical populations, older adults and provided physio support to a variety of football teams. 

Eliza is passionate about engaging patients in their own rehabilitation and working collaboratively with them to achieve their goals. She enjoys working with a broad range of populations, from high performance athletes to older adults. She is keen to empower patients with long-term injury prevention strategies and exercise rehabilitation, in order to help them maintain their optimum function long term.


Avinash Nandakumar - Physiotherapy Assistant

Avinash is a physiotherapy assistant working towards his New Zealand physiotherapy registration, currently doing his masters by research at Auckland University of Technology. He has previously worked as a registered physiotherapist in India where he pursued his bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Chennai, India. He is very fascinated working towards the elderly population, young adults and athletes of different sports.

Avinash is interested in delivering exercise-based rehabilitation based upon motor learning aspects of intervention, he is passionate about the hermeneutics based approach and believes it is the most effective way to deliver a therapeutic intervention and worked with a multidisciplinary team delivering oncology rehabilitation to a plethora of cancer patients. He has also worked under neurological and cardiac-pulmonary rehabilitation delivering therapies to enhance well being of young and older adults. Avinash is multilingual, able to speak five languages including English, Telegu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam.


Nicola Page - Nutritionist

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Our Aspirations

❖ To promote movement as medicine for the elderly, by providing our services across gyms and community health care centers globally

❖ To provide movement medicine to people who seek better health, wellbeing and/or sporting performance

❖ To create a platform where movement experts from diverse fields collaborate to bridge the gap between research and practical application for all things related to achieving excellence in movement performance

We at Prana Physiotherapy care for the whole person and not just the injury. Our focus is on optimizing movement function, rather than just telling you what you should stop doing!

We are movement specialists and we empower people to achieve their goals and enable people to live an active life style.

Injury to optimal performance is a continuum. We help people along this continuum in every step by offering individualized pain management strategies, graded strength training and rehabilitation services.

Pain is a sensation (just like heat, cold, touch and prick) and every person has a different experience of pain.

We look at managing pain from a bio-psycho-social perspective, where every individual is unique in the way they cope with their pain experience. Thus our pain management and injury rehabilitation strategies are tailored towards individual needs and goals.

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