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Meaning of Prana: Prana in Sanskrit means the ``Life force`` translated as ``Breath`` or Vitality.

Prana Physiotherapy's Philosophy - Liberating Instead of Limiting

  • We, at Prana Physiotherapy, care for the whole person and not just the injury. Our focus is on optimizing movement function, rather than just telling you what is wrong with you and what you should stop doing!
  • We are movement specialists and we empower people to achieve their goals and enable people to live an active life style.
  • Injury to optimal performance is a continuum. We help people along this continuum in every step by offering individualized pain management strategies, graded strength training and rehabilitation services.
  • Pain is a sensation (just like heat, cold, touch and prick) and every person has a different experience of pain.
  • We look at managing pain from a bio-psycho-social perspective, where every individual is unique in the way they cope with their pain experience. Thus our pain management and injury rehabilitation strategies are tailored towards individual needs and goals.

Meet the Team!

Shouvik Nandy

Our Founder and CEO, a locally trained and qualified Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer. He has dedicated himself to bridging the gap between Physiotherapy and Exercise Science as well as educating clinicians and personal trainers in India.

Shouvik firmly believes that movement is a powerful medicine. He has a particular interest in chronic musculoskeletal conditions (shoulder injury, chronic low back pain, knee osteo-arthritis), pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, Parkinson'’s population and sports injury rehabilitation.


Jessica Cadenhead

Jess is a registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (American College of Sports Medicine) and personal trainer. She believes that using her Clinical Exercise Physiology knowledge and expertise as part of a multidisciplinary team (with the Prana team) will give our clients the best outcomes.

Jess is passionate about using exercise as medicine for those with chronic conditions, with a particular interest in cardiovascular, neuromuscular, metabolic and auto-immune conditions. She has worked with a variety of clients over the years, using evidence-based exercise prescription and safe exercise testing to give them the best outcome for their current health. She believes not only does the exercise make a difference, so does educating individuals on how they can live a better life and how to live with their condition.

Our Aspirations

  • To promote movement as medicine for the elderly, by providing our services across gyms and community health care centres globally
  • To provide movement medicine to people who seek better health, wellbeing and/or sporting performance
  • To create a platform where movement experts from diverse fields collaborate to bridge the gap between research and practical application for all things related to achieving excellence in movement performance

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