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Who comes to us?

People who:
❖ Want to manage their existing pain and injuries
❖ Want to be physically active and play sports
❖ Want to maintain their independence and mobility
❖ Are athletes wanting to recover faster, move and perform better
❖ Are proactive about health and well-being
❖ Would like to avoid / defer elective joint replacement surgery
❖ Would like to save on health care expenditure

In a nutshell, our clients are people who want to lead a liberated life. They want to move freely
again, participate in the activities they love, and perform better in sports and competitions.

Prana Physiotherapy is now offering telehealth services!

Telehealth benefits for patients:

❖ Better access to physiotherapy services at a time of your choice without needing to venture out, where social distancing is the need of the hour
❖ The ability of patients to ask quick questions, and have a comprehensive analysis of your current injury with out being rushed
❖ Access to high quality videos and digital tools
❖Exercise prescription that is specific to your situation and personalized to you keeping n nd mind your access to your resources.
❖ A safe and local alternative to suing google self -diagnosis.
❖ Empowering patients with an evidence-based knowledge and tools to manage their own injuries

We understand clients’ concerns and we care

People who choose our services may have concerns and frustrations like these:
❖ Looking to find the cause of their pain and dysfunction
Not being able to effectively manage their pain
❖ Unresolved symptoms (pain/spasm) from injuries that come and go
❖ Not knowing how far the finish line is
❖ Being tired of listening to what not to do instead of what they can do
Treatment sessions are so time-constrained that they are always rushed; concerns and questions remain unanswered

How can we help?

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